Finance & Accounting
  1. General Accounting
  2. Financial reporting
  3. Preparation of Chart of Accounts, Manuals (Accounting, operating )
  4. Receivables
  5. Payables

General Accounting

  • Provide a full accounting service to a variety of clients including limited companies, partnerships and sole traders
  • Maintain accounting books and records and processing all accounting transactions in accordance with the requirements of the Bangladesh and international accounting standard
  • Prepare bank reconciliation on a monthly basis
  • Deduction and deposit of withholding tax and VAT from salaries and other payments;
  • Ensure compliance with all aspects of the withholding tax requirements on vendors' payments and disbursements e.g.
    1. Withholding of tax from different payments at the applicable rates under the law; and
    2. Deposit of tax so withheld with the Government Treasury on a timely manner.

Financial Reporting:

  • Services include cash-flow forecasts, management accounts, mortgage applications, loss claims, assistance with period close, trial balance compilation as well as many other ad-hoc financial reports
  • Preparing Statutory financial statements
  • Preparing special purpose financial statements for IPO, Credit Rating, listing, capital raising, obtaining bank loan etc.
  • GAAP conversions i.e. Group to local GAAP to tax conversion
  • Helping entities to adopt and understand new accounting standards, regulatory changes
  • Impact assessment in adopting new accounting standard
  • Designing and implementing integrated internal control system